10 Ton Van Bridge

Sumo Digital Scale is the brand name of the association Shova Advanced Technologies Limited. Shova is an effectively perceived name in the weigh scales industry in Bangladesh. We are an association, which works through the creation and offer of gauging scales anyway without a doubt our organizations are not simply limited by that. We have been working since 1999. Notwithstanding, it was in 2009 that our excursion would truly begin with Shova Advanced Technologies LTD under the brand of SUMO. We started with only 19 sorts of scales but at this point, our record is done with more than 50 kinds of scales for example Platform Scale, Table Top Scale, Bench Scale, Weighbridge/Truck Scale, Laboratory Balance, Heavy Duty Scale, Floor Scale, Chicken, and Meat Scale, Hanging Scale, Waterproof Scale, Health Scale, Kitchen Scale, Animal Scale, Crane ScaleVan Bridge, and so on. Not simply that, we can readily say that we can make any tweaked scales fit our customer’s necessities. We have more than 135,000 of our scales right now powerful and running in our country. Besides, the number is simply extending bit by bit. We are the essential association in Bangladesh to benefit from the license of gathering gauging scales. Not simply that we are throughout made with 14 of licenses and certifications including ISO, BSTI, OMIL standard and so forth that lone further augmentation and lift our acceptability and capacity. We make certain about what we are offering and we ensure our customers are left with just satisfaction. We acknowledge our obligation doesn’t end when we wrap up passing on our things. Other than having free transport, we ensure that the things you get to keep running for a long time without any inconveniences at all through our extraordinary assistance and prepared trained professionals. Our association as of now has a total of more than 190 delegates of which practically 80 are engineers. Besides, they’re constantly locking in for the soul of our association and our regarded customer. We have a viable customer care that is reliably set up to address any of the requests presented by our customers and outfit them with essential organizations. We acknowledge we are a pioneer in the space we’re working in and we can applaud our country in the world’s guide.

The 10-ton van bridge is very popular for wholesale/industry. In the case of these types of associations, customers want high accuracy and stable weight measurement. We design our scale such that accuracy is 1 kg and the minimum is 20 kg.  This scale uses RS232C built-in computer communication system(optional) and Score Board/Extra Big Display(optional). A floor-type heavy-duty structural design is used in this scale. The scale contains a Bright and Large size LED Display. Advanced Micro-controller Technology is used. Long backup rechargeable batteries are another important characteristic for our scale. In Bangladesh, load-shedding is a great drawback for our business. The scale can be powered by an external AC supply, but when electricity is not available you can power the machine with a rechargeable battery and the recharge system is automatic. Four load cells are used, so measurement is much more perfect and a long-lasting dust-proof design is provided. The machine contains a zero/tare function. There is a battery level indicator and free weighing software support(optional). We provide a 1-year guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Calibration & whole processing are performed in our own factory. We provide door-to-door service and any kind of custom design that customers want.

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