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Introduction :

Digital weight machine is an advanced type of weight machine that helps us to check the weight of anything with more accuracy and reliability. Digital weight machines work based on modern electronic technology that helps them to give exact measurements.

6 Kg Table Top Scale
10 Kg Table Top Scale
15 Kg Table Top Scale
35 Kg Table Top Scale
40 Kg Table Top Scale

Types Of Weight Machine

Many types of digital weight scales are available in the market that can meet every weighing need and criteria. The type name of any kind of scale depends on their use. For example, some digital weight scale type names are laboratory scale, table top scale, bench scale, table top scale, platform scale, heavy duty scale, floor scale, truck scale, health scale etc. 

6 Kg Table Top Scale

What is Table Top Scale ?

One useful type of digital scale is called table top scale. Table top is a type of small size weight scale. The size of the table top weight scale is very compact, so this type of scale can be fit in very small space. Usually the capacity range of digital tabletop scales is within 6kg to 80kg with accuracy of 0.010kg to 0.050kg. Typically table top scale has more capacity and less accuracy than laboratory or analytical balance. It’s price is also lower than laboratory scale.

10 Kg Table Top Scale

Application Of Table Top Scale

Digital table top scale can be a perfect choice for any grocery shop, supermarket, bakery or for weighing meat, fruit, sweet and spice. As this type of scale has excellent quality and accuracy, it can be extremely useful for medium sized retail shops.

15 Kg Table Top Scale

SUMO Digital Scale produces Different Table Top Scales

SUMO Digital Scale is manufacturing table top type digital weight machines in Bangladesh with many other types of digital weight machines. The range of SUMO’s table top scale is from 6kg to 40kg and the accuracies are 0.010kg to 0.050kg. These scales can measure weight from 1gm. Many special features are also included in these type of scale and they are:

  • ABS and SS type of pan.
  • Bright dual LED display in front and back side.
  • Rechargeable battery is included that gives a long backup.
  • Made with High accuracy load cell.
  • Gives overload protection up to 150%
  • Structured with a long-lasting dustproof design.
  • Tare function is also included.
35 Kg Table Top Scale

Considering all these qualities SUMO’s tabletop scale can be the best choice for every user who is looking for the best quality digital weight machine at a reasonable price. SUMO Digital Scale is also providing 1year guarantee and 24/7 customer service all over the country.

40 Kg Table Top Scale


SUMO Digital Scale exclusively manufactures digital scales in Bangladesh by an expert team of in-house engineers and technicians. This team of experts also provides after-sale service whenever it is needed. So, for whoever is looking for the best weight machine at a reasonable price and wants the best service, the SUMO digital scale is a must-have item.

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