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sumo weigh bridge 40ton

Digital Weighbridge Manufacturer Bangladesh || SSWIM and LSWIM Technology

Buy Best Quality Digital Weighbridge with reasonable price which is manufactured in Bangladesh . Presently we are thinking that we will try to bring new technology called SSWIM and HSWIM in our

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Sumo Van Bridge 10ton

10 Ton Van Bridge

Sumo Digital Scale is the brand name of the association Shova Advanced Technologies Limited. Shova is an effectively perceived name in the weigh scales industry in Bangladesh. We are an association,

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Heavy Duty Scale

ওজন স্কেল এর প্রয়োজনীয়তা

আমরা যখন কোন বিল্ডিংয়ের দিকে তাকাই, আমরা এর সুন্দর কাঠামো, রঙ, এটির

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Floor Scale

The Absolute Necessity of Weighing Scales

When we look at a building, we see it’s beautiful structure, its color, it’s facilities, and so on. But what we forget to see is its infrastructure, its strong foundation, and the effort that has

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Truck Scale

6 Meter x 3 Meter Truck Scale / SUMO Weighbridge Installation Method? (Keeping up with international standard SUMO Digital Weighbridge or Truck Scale)

In developing countries like Bangladesh, installing and moving heavy machines is a bit difficult. In most cases, the Truck Scale / Weighbridge is installed and moved manually by humans. The way Truck

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Sumo Floor Scale 1000kg

Solve the Heavy Weighing Problem with SUMO 1000kg Floor Scale(4 load cell)

One common question arose from the customer “I want to weigh 1000 kg? So which scale can I use?”The legitimate response relies upon what things the customer is evaluating. If anyone wants to

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sumo weigh bridge 40ton

৬ মিটার x ৩ মিটার ট্রাক স্কেল/SUMO ওয়েব্রীজ ইন্সটলেশন পদ্ধতি?(Keeping up with international standard SUMO Digital Weigh Bridge or Truck Scale)

বাংলাদেশের মত উন্নয়নশীল দেশে ভারী মেশিন স্থাপন এবং স্থানান্তর একটু কঠিন।

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Sumo Heavy Duty 500kg

Solve the Heavy Weighing Problem with SUMO 500kg Heavy Duty Scale

One common question arose from the customer “I want to weigh 500 kg? So which scale can I use?” The appropriate response relies on what things the client is estimating. If anyone wants to weigh

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Sumo Platform Scale 100kg

The usefulness of 100KG Digital Weight Scale

To measure 100 kg the perfect digital scale is Platform Scale. In  Bangladesh, the 100 kg scale is very popular in the market. This scale is suitable for Retailer shops & Grocery shops. SUMO

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