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Capacity 300gm – 5000gm

Sumo Laboratory Balance 5000gm
SUMO Laboratory Balance

Capacity 6kg – 40kg

Sumo Table Top Scale
SUMO Table Top Scale

Capacity 20kg – 80kg

Sumo Bench Scale 40kg
SUMO Bench Scale

Capacity 100kg – 350kg

Sumo Platform Scale 200kg
SUMO Platform Scale

Capacity 500kg – 1200kg

SUMO Heavy Duty Scale 1200kg
SUMO Heavy Duty Scale

Capacity 1000kg – 5000kg

SUMO Floor Scale 1200kg
SUMO Floor Scale

Capacity 20kg – 200kg

SUMO Health Scale 200kg
SUMO Health Scale

Capacity 3kg – 10kg

SUMO Kitchen Scale 3kg
SUMO Kitchen Scale

Capacity 40kg – 60kg

SUMO Chicken & Meat Scale 40kg
SUMO Chicken & Meat Scale

Capacity 6kg – 150kg

Sumo waterproof scale 30kg
SUMO Waterproof Scale

Capacity 3Ton – 10Ton

SUMO Van Bridge 10 Ton
SUMO Van Bridge

Capacity 20Ton – 100Ton

SUMO Weigh Bridge 100Ton
SUMO Weigh Bridge

Capacity 10kg – 50kg

Sumo hanging scale 10-50kg
SUMO Hanging Scale

Capacity 300kg – 10Ton

Sumo Crane Scale 10ton
SUMO Crane Scale

Capacity 500kg-2000kg

Sumo Animal Scale 500kg
SUMO Animal Scale

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