Happy New Year 2022 from SATL

new year 2022

Dear Customers, Clients, Employees, and all Well Wishers we are very happy to say that one more year of triumph for all of us. Another year, we have fought and won against the pandemic and the after-effect of this COVID-19. Despite the adversities and atrocities caused by this virus, we… Continue reading

Digital Table Top Scale |Excellent Weight Machine For Shop

sumo table top scale

High Quality Digital Table Top Weight Machine is available in Bangladesh , manufactured in Bangladesh which is highly suitable for shop Continue reading

Looking for small weight measuring solution? Try this 40kgs

For weighing 40 kg the perfect digital scale is Bench Scale or Table Top Scale. A Bench Scale, generally alluded to as a Bench Top Scale, Weighing Scale or Compact Scale is a little size scale that can fit without much of a stretch on top of a workstation or… Continue reading

A will of Revolution, The 40 KG SUMO Table Top Scale

Table Top Scale-40 kg

SUMO never ceases to innovate and create. Thus at the beginning of a new decade, SUMO has launched a new product that undoubtedly ranks high in its already expansive catalog of extraordinary Digital Weighing Scales. The 40 KG Table Top Scale is now boasted by SUMO as a revolutionary Digital… Continue reading

SUMO Table Top Scale Bangladesh

Table Top Scale

TT scale is a model railroading scale, whose name represents Table Top. Its 1:120 scale (from a typical designing scale where one inch approaches ten feet) and 12 mm (0.472 in) measures are generally somewhere between the HO scale (1:87) and N scale (1:160). Its unique reason, similar to the… Continue reading

How SUMO is keeping up with Industrial Weighing solution

Truck Scale

Industrial Scale is a type of scale which is highly used in Industries, Rice Mill, Flour Mill, Garments and so on. In every step of working in industries, they need to measure their products. In industries both heavy weight and light weight need to be measured. For example, if light… Continue reading