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sumo table top scale

High Quality Digital Table Top Weight Machine is available in Bangladesh , manufactured in Bangladesh which is highly suitable for shop Continue reading

Digital Weight Machine price in Bd || SUMO Digital Scale

Platform Scale

Buy Best Quality Digital Weight Machine with reasonable price which is manufactured in Bangladesh by a industrial company named as Shova Advanced Technologies Limited under the brand SUMO Digital Scale . We are working about Digital Scales . From our 10 years experience , we believe that our ” MADE IN BANGLADESH ” products are the best for the customers . Continue reading

Sumo Digital Weighing Scale

Shova Advanced Technologies

Sumo Digital Scale, a Bangladeshi company, just works upon advanced digital scales going from 300 gm to 210 metric tons. This organization produces Laboratory Balance, Table Top Scale, Bench Scale, Platform Scale, Heavy Duty Scale, Floor Scale, Animal Scale, Van Bridge, Waterproof Scale, Health Scale, Chicken and Meat Scale, Weigh… Continue reading

A new way of weighing with Sumo Platform Scale

Platform Scale

Platform Scale is a modern gauging instrument consisting of a platform coupled to a programmed arrangement of switches and movable loads, used to gauge huge or substantial objects. A platform scale is a weighing machine with a platform to hold the item or articles being gauged. Platform Scale is suitable… Continue reading

Enhance your Kitchen with SUMO Kitchen Scale

Sumo Kitchen Scale 3kg

Kitchen scales are a fundamental apparatus in the kitchen for the precise weighing of fixings. They are regular in homegrown kitchens as estimating cups are liked, albeit not as exact a method of estimating as utilizing scales. Sometimes, complete exactness isn’t needed however it is fundamental for, in addition to… Continue reading