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Laboratory scale
These scales are ranging
from 300 gm to 5 kg having
accuracies of 1 mg to 10 mg
respectively. These are
perfect for laboratory use.
Table Top Scale
These scales are ranging from 6 kg to 40 kg having an accuracy of 1 g respectively. These are perfect for grocery and conventional stores.
Bench Scale
These scales are ranging from 20 kg to 80 kg having
accuracies of 1 g to 5 g respectively. These are perfect
for retailers and groceries.
Waterproof Scale
These scales are ranging from 6 kg to 150 kg having accuracies
of 1g to 50g respectively. These are perfect for industries where
liquids are involved.
Platform Scale
These scales are ranging from 100 kg to 350 kg having
accuracies of 5 g to 50 g respectively. These are perfect
for industries and retailers.
Heavy Duty Scale
These scales are ranging from 500 kg to 5 ton having
accuracies of 50 g to 0.5 kg respectively. These are perfect
for heavy industrial use.
Floor Scale
These scales are ranging from 1ton to 5ton having
accuracies of 100gm to .5kg respectively. These are
perfect for whole sellers and industries.
Weigh Bridge
These scales are ranging from 5 ton to 210 ton having
accuracies of 0.5 kg to 20 kg respectively. These are
perfect for weighing trucks and vans.
Animal Scale
These scales are ranging from .5ton to 2ton having
accuracies of .5kg to 1kg respectively. These are
perfect for dairy/cattle farms.
Health Scale
These scales are ranging from 20kg to 200kg having
accuracies of 10gm to .1kg respectively. These are perfect
for household use.
Industry Information
Shova Advanced Technologies Ltd. is undoubtedly the best
Digital Weighing Scale / Weight Machine manufacturer,
supplier and wholesaler in Bangladesh. SHOVA is committed to
provide the best service to all of their customer's needs. Our
products have the most accurate and precise readings /
measurements. Our diverse range of products can suit to all of
our customer's requirements and criteria.
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Shova Advanced Technologies Ltd. was established in 2009. The company started in Bogura and has now grown to Bangladesh. The company’s principle has been “Service is First” from the beginning. The company has been manufacturing and selling electronic scales from the beginning, but now it has added many other types of scales and other different types of products. The company’s corporate headquarters are located on Sherpur Road, Colony Bottola, Bogura. Has successfully expanded the business and won trust through quality, decency, trust and service.

  •   Service approved by BSTI
  •   Product quality: BSTI approved & OIML standard
  •   Management standard: ISO 9001: 2015 certified

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Our Products

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Why Choose SUMO?

Shova Advanced Technologies Limited aspires to be the worldwide  weighing scale/weight machine enterprise benchmark for price advent and company or sincere citizenship with customer’s happiness. We are devoted to presenting advanced service, excellent and price to our clients due to the fact the company’s principle is “Service is First”.

24/7 Customer Service

In order to provide the best service to our valued customers, we will provide support around the clock. You can call our office at any time during working hours from Saturday to Thursday at 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can even email Customer Service 24/7.

Guarantee & Warranty

Shova Advanced Technologies Ltd. will make certain a 1-yr Guarantee and five Years Warranty for all Regular Product of Sumo Digital Scales. If any primary defects are located withinside the Weighing Scales, the Company will take action at once with no pre-conditions.

After Sales Service

Warranty period from the date of sales, the Company will offer the clients lose after Sales Service after guaranty & assurance period client can take free carrier for twelve months through AMC.

Quality Management – ISO

Shova Advanced Technologies Ltd. Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

Our Team

Md. Syed Ahamad Kiron
Md. Syed Ahamad Kiron
CEO & Managing Director
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Md. Syed Ahamad Kiron
Md. Shahin Hossain
Md. Shahin Hossain
Chief Engineer
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Expert on Digital Scale RND. Manufacturing, Servicing & Innovation.
Md. Abdul Gofran Shakur
Md. Abdul Gofran Shakur
Senior Engineer (Weigh Bridge)
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Expert on all types of Weigh Bridge.
Md. Abdullah-Al-Safi
Md. Abdullah-Al-SafiProduction Manager
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Digital Scale Testing & BUG Fixing Expert.
Shakhiul Islam (Shovon)
Shakhiul Islam (Shovon)
Assistant Manager
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As an Assistant Manager Shakhiul Islam is delegating responsibilities and supervising business operations. Hiring, training, motivating and coaching employees as they provide attentive, efficient service to customers. Assessing employee performance and providing helpful feedback and training opportunities. Resolving complaints from customers and employees. Analyzing information and processes and developing more effective or efficient processes and strategies. Establishing and achieving business and profit objectives. Generating reports and presenting information to upper-level managers or other parties. Ensuring staff members follow company policies and procedures. Other duties to ensure the overall health and success of the business.
Raunak Laila
Raunak Laila
Officer (Corporate Sales & Admin)
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Leads as an officer in the development of corporate sales team, Handel deals with clients & clients queries, HR responsibilities, work with Director to attend industry conferences to maintain a robust network. Maintain and update company database for improvement.
Engr. Harun Ur Rashid
Engr. Harun Ur Rashid
Officer(Weigh Bridge Audit & Corporate Sales)
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Serving as officer of weigh bridge audit and corporate sales.


Sherpur Road, Colony Bottola, Bogura-5800, Bangladesh.


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